What Are The Differences Between A Soulmate And A Life Partner


A Soulmate Teaches You a Life Lesson

Soulmates can be anything from a friend, to a family member, to a lover. A soulmate will fill some need you have. They will helpcouples in love you with your passions and desires. When a soulmate is no longer needed they will typically leave your life and cause great amounts of heartache.


A life partner will be interested in the same things as you. They are essentially the cheerleader in your life. They are your pillar of strength to support and encourage you to take risks. A life partner, as the name implies, will stick with you for life no matter what obstacles and challenges you face together. A life partner is connected to you on a spiritual and emotional level and they have no egotistical notions about their importance.


Soulmates Connect Differently to Life Partners

A soulmate will connect to you deeply through your heart and consciousness. They will hit your ego and leave you feeling turmoil. A relationship with a soulmate is intense and changes constantly. A soulmate will usually leave you with a broken heart. They teach you important karmic lessons that you need to know in your current incarnation.


A life partner enters your life when you have enough self-love and acceptance. There is no emptiness that you need to be filled. A life partner will have a similar life story to you and will stick with you through everything.


Elizabeth Gilbert put it in to words we can all understand. She says that a soulmate comes in to your life to shake you up, tear your ego up a little, show you the obstacles and addictions in your way, and break your heart so that new light can enter it. They leave you so desperate and out of control you feel an incredible need to change your life.


The Attraction Transcends Time

couple-photo-love-1When you meet your soulmate you instantly feel that you have known them forever. You think alike and understand one another. You even have similar childhoods. This is where the intense relationship with a soulmate starts. You feel a “knowing” of each other that draws you together. A relationship with a soulmate can be chaotic and destructive because you mirror your soulmate with your flaws and habits.


On the other hand, life partners have a different path and background to you. These differences lead to a stronger emotional connection. It leaves you wanting to know each other better and learn from one another. A life partner puts you at ease and you create a lasting friendship. Your love for one another grows day by day.


As Paulo Coelho put it; our souls will plan an important encounter before our bodies even see eachother.


Your Soulmate Will Know you Instinctively

There is a connection between thinking and feeling few are aware of. You and your soulmate understand each other’s thoughts and desires. A soulmate doesn’t need to use their words to convey the way they think and feel. They understand you instinctively. They have been where you are and, as a result, fully understand how you feel and think. More importantly they understand why.


The attraction between life partners begins as a physical one. They then want to learn more about the values of their life partner. The relationship between life partners is driven by logical and intellectual stimulation rather than the emotionally driven relationships soulmates experience; relationships filled with highs and lows.


Meeting a Soulmate is a Huge Life Experience

A soulmate will appear when you need them. They teach you an incredible life lesson. The love you have with a soulmate is one Couples-love-18032681-500-333filled with obstacles, but feels ecstatic at the time. Soulmates try to find their way in a relationship that brings out the best and worst in both people.


The relationship you have with a life partner is an easy one. It is effortless as the two of you connect more and more through your daily lives. There is nothing in the past or future to manipulate the present. There is only the moment you live in right now. The relationship with a life partner leads to a healthy marriage because both people are ready to become on, while keeping their individuality and authenticity.


Of course it is entirely possible that your life partner and soulmate are the same person. It is also possible that a life partner can become a soulmate. The biggest difference there is between a life partner and a soulmate is that one is a choice, while the other is not. Neither relationship is better than the other. Your soul and your connections are behind these very special bonds. Every person that enters your life is someone that can teach you, or be taught by you.


Dr Carmen Harra says that the soulmate helps us to feel intact. They leave us feeling that nothing is missing from the puzzle that is our lives. A life partner is a life-long supporter and companion, but they will not be able to enrich the spirit as much as a soulmate.

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