Squashing Sibling Rivalry

childrenPlay_1517670cSiblings will fight. It is inevitable and if we were honest, it would be weird if they never did. But sometimes the fighting can become too much. You start wondering if the strife growing between your children may carry over to when they become adults. All parents hope that their children will grow close enough so that they always have someone to depend on and be there if they need help. As parents, we don’t live forever and so it is a nice to know that they will always have each other. Here are some tips on how you can squash the sibling rivalry and foster your children’s close relationships with one another:

  1. Let them work out their own arguments. As parents, we always want to try and step in right away to referee the fight. It is in our nature to want to help solve their problems. But it is important that they learn to resolve their fights on their own. It is a skill that they must learn and develop. Stay close by just in case you do need to intervene and never let it get physical or verbally abusive.
  2. Don’t compare your children to one another. Doing this can cause them to feel insufficient and less loved. Make sure that when you praise your children, point out what they are good at. Make sure that you always praise them in front of other people, especially when they are around. It is important for your children to hear praise from you to other people. Always applaud good behavior and especially the good deeds they do for one another.
  3. Listen to your children. Make sure that you give special time to listen to all of your children and give them your undivided attention when they are expressing their thoughts or feelings. When they are upset about something, try helping them come up with their own solutions. Sibling rivalry can come when a child feels like they are not being heard as much as their siblings. Make sure that you spend time listening equally with all of your children.
  4. Teach them teamwork. Instead of your children feeling like they need to constantly compete with one another, teachsiblings them to work together as a team instead. You can set up fun games with your family where it is the parents vs. the kids. This will help them work together as a team. When they feel like their sibling is their teammate, they are more apt to turn to them for support or help when they need something.

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