Will Hypnobirthing Mean A Pain Free Labour?

The term ”Hypnobirthing” is probably a little off-putting to many mums to be, after all, labour can be a scary enough prospect. For many, the thought of ‘being hypnotised’ while giving birth is such a bizarre concept that they run a mile! And those who don’t know about how hypnosis works may have their own ideas, often very far from the truth. If I didn’t know the facts about how…

April 9, 2015

Attachment Parenting In Practice – Pregnancy and Birth

Hazel Leese-Dixon As a parent, I tend to follow what is known as Attachment Parenting principles.  Essentially this style of parenting is intuitive and focuses on encouraging your children to become emotionally secure people.  The journey to achieving that is often bumpy and perhaps doesn’t always turn out quite as you hoped.   Never-the-less, in my opinion, Attachment Parenting provides the most definitive way to nurture children into secure adults.  It…

March 18, 2015