Jamie Oliver’s Plans To Tackle Childhood Obesity

TV chef and healthy eating campaigner Jamie Oliver has launched a petition calling for improved     food education in schools around the world. The petition urges governments to provide practical food lessons to children in an attempt to improve the current rising childhood obesity levels. The World Health Organization (WHO) regards childhood obesity as one of the most serious global public health challenges for the 21st century. Obese children…

April 9, 2015

Give Your Child A Safety Password

This is so simple and yet so effective. Enough so that it may just save lives. We all know about the importance of teaching our kids about “Stranger Danger”. We make sure they know that they should never talk to, or accept anything from strangers when they are on their own. We teach them that adults do not need help from children, so if a stranger asks them to “just…

March 26, 2015