Goal! Why Girls’ Football is Increasing in Popularity

May 11, 2016

Since the mid 1800s, football began as a game that boys and men played, much like most sports. Back then, all sports were for the male gender. Women were told it wasn’t lady-like to participate in such events. Women’s football made headlines in England in the late 1800s. That was when the Ladies’ Football Association was first pioneered by women from the suffrage movement. Although it didn’t last (the league…


What Are The Differences Between A Soulmate And A Life Partner

April 17, 2016

  A Soulmate Teaches You a Life Lesson Soulmates can be anything from a friend, to a family member, to a lover. A soulmate will fill some need you have. They will help you with your passions and desires. When a soulmate is no longer needed they will typically leave your life and cause great amounts of heartache.   A life partner will be interested in the same things as…


Why We Shouldn’t Force Our Kids To Say Sorry

March 29, 2016

One of the most embarrassing things to happen to a parent is when their child hurts another child. We are instantly mortified and the child will pick up on this dismay before they can even understand how they feel about it. Then we really hope our child will apologise and just say “I’m sorry.” Those two words will make everything better and help us save face with the parent of…


A Letter To My Second Child

March 26, 2016

Dear Munchkin, Mommy and Daddy love you. Sure, we tell you this all the time. You’re probably sick of hearing that, but I want to be sure you know it. And I want you to know we’re sorry too. Not because we love you. But rather, because we know your older sibling can be a bit of a dramatist. And someday when she’s a famous actress, we can smear Doritos…


Is Five Years Old Too Young To Start School?

March 20, 2016

Children in England start school much sooner than children in other Western European countries. Compulsory education starts at 5 in England, and many children begin education at 4, but in other European countries such as Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, school starts at 7. Children in England are making their way through the curriculum while their European counterparts are making their way through the sandpit at Kindergarten or enjoying time at…


5 Easy Steps to Weaning Your Toddler

March 12, 2016

Your child is getting older and it’s about that time to retake ownership of your boobs. Weaning is never fun for either party. The guilt of having to tell your precious little one no more and having to deal with their cries of injustice may be hard to start this new weaning process. While in a perfect world, your child would ideally wean themselves that is just not really realistic….


Why It’s So Important For Kids To Take Risks

March 5, 2016

The other day, I took my kids to the zoo. We bought an annual pass because we live just five minutes away and it turns out to be one of the best investments we’ve ever made because it’s an easy way to take the girls to do something educational and fun outdoors. It also has a lovely playground, which my eldest loves. Every time we go, she wants to play…


Squashing Sibling Rivalry

February 28, 2016

Siblings will fight. It is inevitable and if we were honest, it would be weird if they never did. But sometimes the fighting can become too much. You start wondering if the strife growing between your children may carry over to when they become adults. All parents hope that their children will grow close enough so that they always have someone to depend on and be there if they need…


Too Much of A good Thing – How To Stop Your Kids Consuming Excess Sugar

February 20, 2016

Added sugar. It’s everywhere. Even in supposedly healthy items. And our children are consuming it in droves. Sugar has been shown to cause a royal ton of health issues from diabetes to obesity yet it is in more things than you can possibly imagine. So what’s a mum to do when she wants to give her kids the best nutrition possible without being a total killjoy that burns every single…


Outrage at US Politicians Breastfeeding Comments

January 5, 2016

As many of us are aware, we have had our share of incidents recently here in the UK which have left thousands of breastfeeding mums outraged. A recent comment from an American politician however, has to be amongst the worst we have heard. New Hampshire state Rep, Josh Moore who described himself as “Pro-Family conservative” has recently made a somewhat alarming comment, stating that “if women who want to breastfeed…