A Letter To My Second Child

Dear Munchkin,

Mommy and Daddy love you. Sure, we tell you this all the time. You’re probably sick of hearing that, but I want to be sure you know it. And I want you to know we’re sorry too. Not because we love you. But rather, because we know your older sibling can be a bit of a dramatist. And someday when she’s a famous actress, we can smear Doritos and Cheetos dust on her nice sofas in her big mansion by the sea. Oh wait. You do that too. I’ll be coming for your sofas as well then.

But cheese dust aside, truly I am sorry. You get all the hand-me-downs and yet, you never complain. Even if those clothes and 1813.Sistersshoes tend to be ill-fitting. And stained. But they do come with wonderful stories. That shirt you’re wearing, for example, represents a host of memories. That brown splotch isn’t from a poop explosion galore, but rather an epic ice cream battle where she wrestled a chocolate ice cream cone from your father and won. Those red, blue and green spots? They came from a Mommy-and-Me play group where your sister insisted on painting herself instead of the paper. She also painted a few other things that she shouldn’t have. Like the host’s purse. Let’s just say that wasn’t much fun to take care of.

I’m sorry that when you find a toy you like to play with, your sister comes out of nowhere to take it. Even if she’s in the bathroom reading Dr. Seuss and singing while she’s pooping on the potty, she somehow KNOWS you’ve got one of the toys she wants. Maybe she’ll be a clairvoyant when she grows up and can tell us the winning lottery numbers. Until then, I’m sorry she takes things away from you. She’s just trying to cope with the fact that she was once as small as you. And now she’s big. That doll is for babies. Until you, my sweet little baby, play with the doll. And now that doll is her favourite again.

I’m sorry that you always get the last choice because you’re the littlest one in the family. Despite this though, you are the happiest one of us it seems. Every morning, you remind us of that by telling us, “Happy!” when you wake. Every day you choose to be happy no matter what, and I’m not sorry about that. Not one bit. Because with your choice, you have chosen for all of us to set the tone of the day. You might be the youngest, but perhaps you are the wisest one in our little family. And for that, I’m not sorry.





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