How Team Sports Can Benefit Your Children

With busy working lives it can sometimes be difficult to motivate ourselves, let alone our children; but getting our kids involved in sports during free time, especially if that sport involves being part of a team, can be particularly beneficial. Psychologists believe that participating in team sports can be a fantastic tool in increasing a child’s self esteem. Through team building and healthy competition, children get the chance to leave…

June 24, 2015

Summer Born Children: Should School Entry Rules Be More Flexible?

It seems there is an ever-growing concern over the psychological welfare of the ‘summer born child’ when it comes to school admissions. You may or may not be aware that the compulsory age for starting school in the UK is actually 5, and not 4 as a lot of us believe. It is ‘common practice’ in this country for children to start in reception class in the September following their…

June 14, 2015